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Or you may send a check or money order (no cash please) to:

Lynn’s Animal Rescue
PO Box 1293
123 E Main Street
Marlton, NJ 08053

Folks, we really need your help. Lynn has sacrificed her entire life to help rehabilitate, rehome and save cats. No exaggeration. I have spent days with her where she never even stops to eat. She literally runs, nonstop, from 7am till midnight. Every single day of the week. She hasn’t had a day off in over eight years. No joke.

She gets up and takes care of the cats under her direct care. Then she runs to feed feral colonies. She works I don’t know how many jobs to keep her rescue going. In between those jobs she does pet sitting, trapping, adoptions and answers an incredibly LARGE amount of emails and texts..

She runs cats to the spay and neuter clinic, veterinarians, does home inspections of potential adopters and follow up visits to homes of those adopted.

If an animal is lost she spends countless hours, days, looking for them.

Every cent she makes goes to the cats. Trust me. I haven’t seen a new piece of clothing, shoes or luxury item bought for herself since I’ve known her – and that’s been eight years now.

I don’t know how she does it. I can’t keep up with her.

Now, she has finally found, what I believe, is the absolute perfect home for her and the rescue. She has begged and borrowed to get the money together for the down payment. Barring any unforeseen obstacles (God forbid!), the property will soon be hers.
But it needs a lot of work. It has four wonderful outbuildings – roomy, bright, lots of windows! But these buildings are bare construction inside.

They have electricity but no heat or AC. Each one need insulation, drywall, paint and then gas lines run to them for heat this winter. And next year we will need window units or some type of air conditioning.

Those are the bare necessities. They will eventually need ceiling and exhaust fans bought and installed. Shelving and storage, possibly dividers, furnishings, etc.
And yesterday was the first day of Fall! We don’t have much time to get all of this done. And we certainly don’t have the money to even begin.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! I said this before and I’m saying it again. If every person who follows this website and her Facebook Page were to donate just THREE DOLLARS she would have enough. Three dollars! C’mon, many of you spend more than that on a cup of coffee!

Please help. I know some of you may not even be able to afford $3 but some of you can afford more.
DONATE TODAY! If you really care about cats and dogs (yes, dogs when we can) you will follow this link and DONATE RIGHT NOW! Let’s show Lynn how much we love her and what she does. Show your support.

You may donate via YouCaring or you may go directly to PayPal. (their fees are much lower). Or you may send a check to:

Lynn’s Animal Rescue
PO Box 1293
123 Main Street
Marlton, NJ 08053



Here at the rescue, we make sure that all of our cats are always happy and healthy. A big part of that is keeping their tummies full.

Did you know that we go through, on average, $50 worth of food a day to keep our cats healthy? That includes special foods for the cats on special diets, wet and dry food. Food for the feral colonies we care for and food for our fosters whose caretakers can’t afford to buy it themselves.

Our volunteers and donations make it possible for our animals to have a safe, hunger-free rescue while they patiently wait to find new loving homes. We receive NO HELP from the state because we are a no kill shelter. We rely entirely upon your generosity to keep us going.

New Jersey Feline Adoption and Rescue Center