Please Help

This is truly an emergency situation. Lynn needs to find a new location for her rescue cats ASAP. Click on the link below for details. Please do not contact Lynn at this time. She has quite a bit on her mind – as you can expect.If you have any questions email me directly at
Thank you for understanding.

Hooray for Grandpa!


We are thrilled to announce that Grandpa has been adopted by a wonderful woman named Valerie! Grandpa was our oldest and, sadly, often over looked. Valerie opened her heart and her home to him where he is now living the life of luxury! Congrats, Grandpa!

Who we are

Lynn’s Animal Rescue is a small loving organization with a very hands on approach. We do everything in our power to bring the ill back to good health, socialize the shy and timid and find the perfect home for every cat. We will keep them until we do, even if it means forever.

Where do our cats come from?

Many rescues pull from high rate kill shelters. We, on the other hand, try to help them before they are brought to a shelter. The majority of our animals are found strays, owner surrenders or were lost or abandoned. We also are helping with a few hoarder situations.

We are an animal rescue organization that aids in and facilitates rescues of animals in need. We take in owner surrenders, help in hoarding situations and rescue cats that have been abandoned. We are involved in humane trapping, aiding in humane trapping and educating potential adoptive parents and families in the proper ways to care for their current and newly adopted pets. We make sure all of our rescues are vetted, healthy, happy and properly suited for their new home. We build lasting and forever relationships with our adopters and have life-time placement for all of our adopted animals so that they will never end up without a place to go or in a dangerous situation. We have life-time placement for all of our rescue’s so that they forever have a safe haven.

Although we can’t save the world by ourselves, we can do our part by taking care of our portion of it: by doing for the animals in need what they can’t do for themselves; providing safe haven, educating, promoting awareness and continuing the cause in the Southern New Jersey. We want to share our knowledge and expertise with others. We want to offer any guidance we can provide, aid others seeking knowledge and promote animal rescue by working together with others.

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We try our best to keep this site organized with the most critical information.  If you want to see more “behind-the-scenes” and “what’s Lynn doing”, LIKE us on Facebook.  We usually post updates at least once a day, but the most important part of our Facebook page are our fans.  Without you, none of this would be possible!

Featuring on Philadelphia Channel 6 Action News

Tamala Edwards and Emmie

Did you see us? We were recently featured on the Shelter Me segment of Philadelphia’s Channel 6 “FYI Philly”. The photo to the left is reporter Tamala Edwards filming a promo with our very adoptable Emmie!
If you missed it check out the video below!

Just another day at the rescue!


Chow Time!

Here at the rescue, we make sure all our cats are always happy.  A big part of that is keeping their tummys full.

Did you know that we go through, on average, 2 bags of cat food per day to keep our cats healthy?  Our volunteers and donations make it possible for our animals to have a safe, hunger-free rescue while they patiently wait to find new loving homes.